We have had a whirlwind summer with lots of travel and now look to return to Rwanda Thursday. We will be working to keep open the church in the video clip I'm sending. The Government closed it several years back citing issues with building codes. We were able to get a floor and steel doors put onto the existing building so they opened it but conditionally! They will need their roof to be in place by October 31st or they get closed again. We are just trusting God that it will happen, all the people are the same, praying and expecting God to intervene.

We will be working with several churches and organizing tanks for water so they can provide their communities with drinking water. Below is the link:



We will be in putting into the projects that were started in hopes that they will bless many people. It seems that they have continued well so we will ber happy to continue to work along with them to make it happen for them.

We will be there until November and return for the Christmas with family. Pray for my studies I would like to start into the New Year. I really need guidance and hope to serve in greater ways into the next ten years. Thanks so much for considering us in prayer and your ongoing support.

Paul and Ale