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The way of salvation: of having peace with God
(Bible quotations by permission from the New International Version, "NIV". By holding the mouse pointer over the Bible reference you can see the contents of the verse.)

Jesus is the Way to God - (John 14:6) ... and He is the Son of God and the Christ (Messiah). But, why do we need a way to God?

We need a way to God on account of sin. Sin brings death. (Romans 6:23).   Both our experience and the Bible tells us everyone is a sinner (Romans 3:23), and we are fooling ourselves if we claim otherwise (1 John 1:8 and 1 John 1:10).   This brings us face to face with the wrath of the holy God, with judgment and with punishment. (Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:14-15 and Revelation 20:10).

Now sin, and its resulting punishment, is something from which we cannot deliver ourselves. We may think we can but the Bible disagrees (Proverbs 14:12) because our good works just will not do the job (Romans 3:20) and (Ephesians 2:8-9) .

Yet we find in the Bible that God is not only holy — completely antagonistic to all sin — but also loving of all men and women. (John 3:16).   So he has designed a Way for us to be saved, to be delivered from the punishment for our sin. And that way is Jesus (Romans 5:8).   Jesus gave His life in order to bear our punishment and to bring us salvation (Acts 4:12, Acts 13:38-39 and 1 Peter 3:18). When Jesus was nailed to the cross, He bore our sin, and made it possible for things to be right between a person and God, for a person to be “justified.”

But, to realize this, we must first be sorry for our sins, repenting and turning from them ... (Luke 13:3 and Acts 3:19) ... and then turning to God in faith, trusting in what Jesus did on the cross to save us from our sin (Romans 10:9-10).

Those who follow this plan of God for their salvation can know the joy of sins forgive and of an eternal life in heaven (1 John 5:13) and have peace with God (Romans 5:1).

To apply these truths to your life you need to confess your sin, calling upon God in prayer (Romans 10:13) and the time to do it is now (2 Corinthians 6:2). This is a matter on which you should not delay!

If you would like to discuss the matter of salvation further, feel free to call the Pastor or the Ministry Assistant. For people of Jewish heritage, there is available a thought-provoking booklet, “Prophecy Unveiled” which is yours for the asking.

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